bringing the museum home / the phillip's collection

i have visited the phillip's collection quite a few times recently. it is definitely my favorite museum in d.c. and i don't think it could ever get old to me. i recently learned the story of how the collection got started. duncan phillips and his brother discovered the art world, and decided they wanted to start collecting. so, naturally, they asked their father for a stipend which he gladly gave to them, and they began one of the best collections of 19th and 20th century works in the states.

now, whenever i visit the museum i imagine what i would do if i had a stipend to buy artworks from the most famous artists. let's just say my house would be amazing. today i am putting together some of my favorite works from the phillips, and designing an art wall and vignette to go with them. i like that the works represent different style within a relatively short amount of time. there is chardin's realism, vs. braque's cubism. kandinsky's expressionism vs. beal's american impressionism.

i love including the museum frames with the works, because they really affect how you view the paintings. the more modern works are apparent just because of their more simplistic frames. also, courbet's painting of the sea in the middle may just be the most amazing oceanic work i have seen. just saying. 


1. a bowl of plums (1728), by jean-baptiste simeon chardin 2. the philodendron (1952) by georges braque 3. the garden at les lauves (1906), by paul cezanne 4. my summer studio (1900), by john henry twachtman 5. the mediterranean (1857), by gustave courbet 6. old time card rack (1900), by john peto 7. autumn II (1912), by wassily kandinksy 8. ponte della paglia (1922), by maurice prendergast 9. the promenade (1922), by gifford beal 10. chartreuse couch from one king's lane. 11. deep blue lamp from bungalow five 12. gold accent table from joss and main


take some time to look through the phillip's collections website, and explore more of their paintings. there is so much more to see and be inspired by!