hangable art / warhol's rorschach prints


i first discovered andy warhol's massive rorschach prints at the lacma last summer. i was instantly smitten. for a while i had been loving the look of small rorschach prints in the home, but  the idea of massive overarching prints was so exciting to me. last week at the bma i saw one of these prints with a gold background- what could be more perfect?

warhol created 34 rorschach prints on a large scale in 1984. he modeled them after the famous psychiatric inkblot tests. to make the works, he painted on side of the canvas and then folded it to make the butterfly effect, much like how kindergartners create butterflies. the style and way he created the works mimic the abstract impressionists who believe in non-representation and removal of the artist. the works are massive, in the galleries they generally go from floor to ceiling, causing them to have a major presence.

could you imagine using a work like this in your home? where would you put it? 

gold rorschach prints.jpg
black and white rorschach.jpg