from my camera / my house

luckily i took these pictures of my bedroom in January, because i wasn't able to get many other pictures of our first house before we started packing. we move on saturday! which basically means that my house has been torn to pieces and is driving me crazy! i have been avoiding packing like the plague, and even got the plague while avoiding it (or food poisoning, same thing). jarman has done most of the work and it has been awesome, minus feeling awful for a few days. 

this house has been good to us and i will always remember it fondly, but i don't know if i will miss it in an i-wish-we-could-move-back-there kind of way. it was built in the 1940's and i don't think it has been updated since. it has its cute little quirks (like the doorbell that is literally two large chimes)  and its pitfalls (like the creaky floors and ancient windows). i will always love it as our first house that we spent our first year and a half in. for the next year we will be wanderers, living in washington d.c. and then temecula, but will settle in to law school after that.

most of the stuff in our bedroom was either gifted or used at my wedding. my mom put together a group gift for my bridal shower, and bought us pretty much everything we needed for our bedroom: the curtains, bedding, painting, and a few other things that are elsewhere in the house. that was seriously the best. (i should write about how cute my bridal shower was, even though it was so long ago.) the mirrored side table was used as my cake stand, and the dresser as my dessert bar at my wedding. 

i know these pictures aren't the greatest, but they will always remind me of our cute little brick house.