currently obsessed / onions and weekends

so these are the two random things that i cannot get enough of as of late.  

i have never been a huge in-n-out fan. i was fine to eat it like once a month, but any more than that and i would not be happy. i never understood the obsession until 2 weeks ago when jarman introduced me to the best kept secret of in-n-out: the whole grilled onion. once, when we were younger, kira didn't order grilled onions on her burger, and jacklin told her it was un-american. since then, she puts onions on her burger every single time, and so should you. the whole grilled onion adds even more to the most american dish you can get. basically they take an entire slice of onion, grill it to perfection and then put it between the cheese and the burger. the cheese melts and the onion melds into the burger and it is seriously perfection. try it next time, you won't be sorry. i may or may not have gotten this four times in one week. oops.

a blurry picture on in-n-out from my instagram

a blurry picture on in-n-out from my instagram

my second obsession is the new york times 36 hours books. i got two of them from anthro this weekend to start preparing for our trips on the east coast. during our long drive on saturday, i read lots of entries to jarman. the books are great because they outline weekends in cities, show you non-typical things to do, and give you amounts of time to do them. (the writing style is also amazing and makes me want to become a better writer, i'll work on it). from the northeast book we are hoping to make it to new york (this time we want to stay in brooklyn, i feel like we haven't spend enough time there to truly appreciate it), boston, philadelphia, providence and hopefully at least one place in canada. from the southeast book we are planning on going to annapolis, baltimore, and charleston. the books are super cute, and not too expensive, i would definitely recommend them. i'll keep you updated on which activities we do from the books.

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