from my camera / andierooney's sweet sixteen

andie turns 16 today! i can't even believe it! all my babies are growing up! on friday we threw a birthday party for her. she wanted a bonfire and a movie in the backyard. we threw this together really quickly, and it was actually super easy. for the backyard decorations we put up lights, set up the fire pit, and created little seating areas. we pretty much brought out any extra pillow or blanket we had in the house. we covered our ugly lawn chairs with sheets, and made beds on the long ones. we brought out little end tables for the kids to put their treats on, and stools for them to rest their feet on. oh, and luckily the chevron stripes from my wedding were still out there after a year-and-a-half, even though the paint was supposed to wash away with the rain. they make the backyard so much cuter!


andie is probably the funniest person i know and i am so glad i get to spend almost every birthday with her. she always has the best stories and questions and never stops talking. she definitely wins the best hair award in our family, although it is a ratsnest most of the time. seriously, my life would be so much more boring without her. and she and jarman are best friends, which is also a major plus. they are seriously hilarious together even though i usually hate to admit it. happy birthday baby girl! love you!