travel video / new york girls trip

this may i went to new york with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. we had the best time! we pretty much walked the entire island of manhattan every day, or so it felt. luckily it hadn't gotten too hot yet so we weren't dying. we went to some awesome exhibits at the met (which will be covered in another post), ate amazing food non-stop, and saw some awesome shows.

macbeth was probably my favorite, alan cumming did a solo act. as in he played every single character on stage. as in he acted for 2 hours straight and had all of the shakespeare lines memorized. the play was set in a mental hospital and shows macbeth as a madman. it was absolutely brilliant. we also went to a comedy show that was a bit racy, but ended up being hilarious. 

anyways... for this trip i decided i wanted to try my hand at videography. getting used to video-ing with my dslr is taking time, especially trying to figure out how to change the focus as i video. i was inspired by designlovefest's paris video, which is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen. hopefully some day i will get to that level. 

this video shows just how much fun our trip was, i'm so glad that i got invited! and it's true, a little party never killed nobody! (oh! we got to go to the gatsby opening night while were there, that was really something else!)