from my camera / timeless washington

we love city life. it is the best. i don't why not having a car is so liberating. i love the metro, but i love walking places more. and i love that we can walk to anything from our apartment. most of what we have done has been just walking and seeing places. d.c. is great because it is such a clean city- the cleanest city i have been to (we don't go far from the center though). however, there are way more crazy people here than other cities i have lived in or visited. like crazy crazy. 

on thursday we went to this lecture by three artists on their works that were hanging in the american museum of art. they were/are photographers, and the works that they were talking about were of american roads in the 70's. they were actually really inspiring to me in ways that i did not expect. i was just excited to hear from real artists, not thinking they would affect the type of photography i want to do. 

i loved hearing their perspectives on our generation. they kept using the term 'face down', talking about how everyone looks at little screens all day and has little interaction with people or their environments. jarman and i have been trying to change that, trying to use our phones less when we are out. but it's kind of hard? which is so sad.

they also talked about the medium of photography and their inspirations. today i walked for about and hour and photographed everything that inspired me. today i am sharing some black and white images, which i don't normally do, but i feel like it shows the city in such a timeless way.  {most, but not all, of these images were taken today}