entertaining / farah's first birthday

my aunt angela is a decorator, stylist, model, cook, mom, you name it- she does it all. she is an especially good entertainer. she always sends out the cutest invites, has the most delicious  food, the perfect house, will always give a favor, and then writes thank you cards. (favors and thank you's are on my life long to do list, i can't seem to find a way to understand their importance). she also has the most adorable kids in the world. i have tried to steal her baby on multiple occasions. over the next few weeks i am going to share a few of angela's parties that she has thrown (we can count a wedding as a party right?).

first up is farah's first birthday. the theme was 'cutie pie', and the colors were pink red and blue. ang wanted the party to be kid and adult friendly, so she had a playroom for farah's baby friends, and pie for the adults. she made large pom pom decorations, a birthday sign, had some colorful balloons, and made all of the pies and cupcakes. whoever said cute parties had to be expensive was way off.


1. farah on her rocking elephant. 2. the house. 3. the pie area, how much do the roses and balloons add? 4,5,6. close ups of the pies- there were banana creme with carmel sauce, a creamy fruit pie with strawberries, a buttermilk pie, and a chocolate silk pie. 7. farah's cute pink ombre birthday cake. 8. the favor. simple and sweet.


1. the other side of the house. i love the way she made the colors pop, but in a subtle way. 2,3,4,5. the cupcakes. don't you love the dum-dums and gumballs on top? 6. farah loves herself a lollipop. 7. i was dying over her bloomers and sparkle shoes. 8. farah royal throne for the cake destruction. 9,10. close up of the cake and balloons. 11,12. more of farah on her elephant, she wasn't quite sure what she thought of it. why do i love the picture of her crying?


1,2,3,4. farah was supposed to destroy her cake, but like a lady she barely scratched the surface. she started with a lick. then she got scared by everyone's overwhelming gasp to how cute she is. once we cut a slice out she started getting in to it. 5. the aftermath of the cake. notice her outfit change? 6. more bloomers. i can't get enough. 7. farah's older sister joss. 8. all of angela's kids. have you seen a more darling bunch? 8. angela and farah. 9,10. once everyone left farah was much more jovial, she was loving the stairs. 11. inspecting her new pearl bracelet, an addition to her collection.