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why did no one tell me about this show? have you guys heard of it? it is a high school 'dramedy' about the kids on the periphery trying to figure out their ways. the show is set in 1980. it is also one of the first acting jobs for seth rogen, jason segel, and james franco. yes, young james franco is in the show. if that doesn't make you want to watch it then i don't know what will. for some reason the show only ran for one season in 1999. i am halfway through it and can't get enough, and am anticipating major withdrawals once i finish. (it's sad how addicted to shows i get, i don't usually like to admit it). i love seeing this group of actors who grew up to make the best movies- although they are mostly inappropriate (i have to throw this in for my sisters, do not watch any of their movies, do as i say not as i do). the show is now on netflix for those of you who need something to fill the void until all of the fall shows start again (one more week).

also, vanity fair did a few articles on the show at the beginning of this year. check this one out. i guess i am not the only one who is late to the party.  

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{all images taken from vanity fair