from my camera / valley forge

we thought we were going to philadelphia this weekend and would maybe pop on over to valley forge (the trip was orchestrated by the school), but quickly realized that we were spending most of our time in valley forge. we were definitely disappointed at first, but it turned out to be just fine. we learned quite a bit about the american revolution. somehow i can tell you lots of things and dates about the french revolution, but know very little about the american one, i feel like i need to study up on it. we are still planning to go back and explore philadelphia more, there is so much that we missed! here are some pictures from the weekend. 


there was this awesome forest behind the place where we were staying. i never knew what an obsession i have with trees until i got a camera, i have hundreds of pictures of trees. they enchant me and i love them. oh and can you find the surprise rainbows in two of the pictures? i was so excited when that happened! i don't know why or how, probably a very scientific reason, but it makes me so happy. and remember me mentioning that i thought we would be in philadelphia the whole time? that is why i am wearing a flowy jumpsuit/onesie (why do either of those terms sound so weird? what should i call it?)

we did a tour of valley forge and got to go to george washington's house while the troops were stationed there. they had to build those little log cabins in the middle of december in the snow with no shoes and minimal clothing. the whole thing sounds miserable. i'm so grateful to have people who were actually willing to go through such lengths to make it possible to live in a free country! 

i have just a few pictures from philadelphia, and will be sharing more of a museum we visited later this week. we also had a tour of independence hall, saw where the constitution was signed, and saw the liberty bell. luckily we got to put everything in context by watching national treasure on the way home!