my wedding / the decor

my mom was the brains behind my whole reception. she seriously worked so hard on it, and it turned our perfectly! the wedding was held in my backyard, which is not a giant space, and considering it was february could have been disastrous. we opened up the inside for guests and had lots of seating areas. when the tents came, they actually made the space feel a lot bigger!

early on we decided we wanted a 'modern vintage glam' style for the wedding, which we totally made up. i have always loved all things vintage, but we wanted to mix in some modern elements as well. one of the main things we focused on was hanging lighting, we used so many different types of chandeliers and light fixtures! most of the furniture was either from our house, or borrowed from our good friends. my colors were chartreuse and nearly any shade of pink.

{sorry for the mismatched pictures styles, most of these were not taken by our photographer but were snapped by me or one of my friends before the wedding. so most of the pics are before flowers and food! so sad!} 

Jarman Wedding_246-29.jpg
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Jarman Wedding_243-1.jpg
Jarman Wedding_245-28.jpg

the entry:

so our entry outside of the house was super cute: we used my vanity as the sign in table and had painted doors to go behind it and had a whole little vignette, but we have no pictures of the whole thing. after that you walk through a pathway to get to the backyard. we had the gifts trunk to the side, and pictures of jarman and i along the walkway. jarman put lights up all along the fence. we used shepherds hooks to hang planters with succulents. at the end we had our 'street art' that laid out all of the events of the reception. we made it using a canvas and cut-outs from kristi's cricket- it took some precise measuring, but turned out great! i still use it in my house:)

photo (9)-9.jpg

the food tent: 

this was the view right when you turned the corner. we had two tents over our two patios, the first one was dubbed 'the food tent'. for some reason a had a weird obsession over covering the patio walls- i hated the way they looked. we had doug make planter boxes for each of the corners, and the bought/made the rugs to cover the benches. they made great seating for guests! you can see some of our little seating areas here. we also had a few bar tables with stools for relaxing and eating. two of the food stations are in this picture: the grill and the cheese table. we debated on having grill actually in the backyard- we were concerned about smoke being all over everyone. but it actually turned out fine! (we also had grills going across the street).

Jarman Wedding_166-1.jpg
Brittany's Wedding 007-6.jpg
Jarman Wedding_145-6.jpg

we painted our sidewalk chevron for the wedding thinking it was chalk paint that would come off with the next rainfall... it it still on today. i am doing a whole post about the food at the wedding tomorrow, so i'm not going to go in to too much depth right now. we painted that dresser chartreuse because that was one of my colors, but we were having a hard time finding it anything that was the right color (it was before the whole chartreuse craze). we don't have a picture of it full of the desserts, but it seriously was the best!

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Jarman Wedding_241-27.jpg
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Brittany's Wedding 006-7.jpg

the party tent: 

the party tent was mainly for partying/dancing, so it wasn't as heavily decorated as the food tent. we had a bar with all sorts of drinks, and a few seating areas. we made that chandelier using ornaments, ribbons, and paper lanterns we turned in to flowers, and connected everything to a pot rack that was sitting in the garage. you can see a tiny corner of the couch that we bought for the seating area. originally we were going to greet guests from the couch, but couldn't stay in one spot long enough. we ended up just walking around and mingling, until we danced the night away. 

in this tent we projected this amazing movie that our friend made for us! it was a compilation of all of my favorite movies. we also played it inside the house. i will try to find a way to share it with you, because it will probably be the greatest 20 minutes of your life. 

Jarman Wedding_253-31.jpg
Jarman Wedding_254-32.jpg

the interior: 

we moved almost every piece of furniture in my house. i wish you could have seen my dad's face, it was priceless. he was so angry, but trying so hard to stay composed in front of everyone who was helping us. of course he loved the end result. we had tables in the living and dining rooms for guests to sit and eat at, and cute pictures all over the house. oh my gosh, look at those flowers, is that not the prettiest arrangement you have ever seen? dalynda nailed it! 

photo (7)-7.jpg
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in the living room we made more seating areas, and unified them by using rugs which somehow my mom had three of. these pictures were taken before the flowers, so try to add those in in your mind. my mom worked on the 'wedding wall' forever. we got pictures of most of the people in our families on their wedding days. i love it so much i wish i could marry it.

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we had a silhouette artist at the wedding... how cool is that? we made this little seating area for her to do her work, and the place was packed with people who wanted their silhouettes cut.  

stay tuned for tomorrows food post! it is going to be delectable!