bedroom updates!

the new rue magazine is out today and my house is featured (as if you haven't heard- i can't stop talking about it and i'm sorry! i'm sure i'll be past it by the end of this year:). since i made lots of little updates i'm going to show you room by room with all the dirty details. my bedroom was in pretty good shape before, but there were lots of things that i planned to work on. somehow it got kind of neglected and was the last thing i really finished. (of course besides my kitchen).

the biggest and most exciting changes are the additions of a little blue cradle and pom-pom curtains. the cradle is really only exciting by association because it means that i have a little baby sleeping in it (well, not quite- but it still looks pretty). it's actually the cradle that my husband and his father both slept in as babies. since we didn't carry down the family name of David lee jarman, at least we continued this tradition!

the curtains are equally as exciting as my baby, because the vertical blind were really that bad! i ended up diy-ing them, even though i swore off diy-ing curtains after making the ones for jay's room! i realized that the ones i really wanted from anthro were over $100 a panel. i found grey and white striped curtains from ikea ($30 for 4 long panels), and black pom-pom trim from amazon ($13 for 12 yards). all it took was a little hot glue and we had ourselves a much less ugly room of windows.

i actually styled the end tables for these pictures- yay me!

we got the rest of the drawers for the dresser (well, they're more like $6 baskets from ikea, but whatever). i painted the handles emerald green at midnight one night to give them a little extra pizzazz, don't look too closely!). we moved that abstract painting from the dining area and used the whole counter to display my jewelry.

i still love that west elm necklace holder as much as the day i bought it!

i moved my pink chair to the other side of the room and added a little end table. i spend lots of time in this chair with jay, and love being able to kick my feet up on the blue ottoman.

anyways- go look at the new rue magazine and see the rest of the house! i will be talking about all of it later this week!