bobette's house tour / the living room

i'm slowly working on updating reality and retrospect- we are making some exciting changes around here! if you've been reading for a while you know that most posts have something to do with my mom, bobette. we pretty much work together on everything we do- my phone is filled with pictures that we have sent back and forth with each project we are doing. we have decided to 'officially' team up through this website (although we have basically been a team since i was born). we will be posting all of our projects here! from my photography to her interior design. we now have tabs with each of our portfolio's and services, and are working hard to get more content up. be sure to check back over the next couple weeks as we get everything switched over!

we started a little tour of bobette's house a couple of months ago with her master bedroom, and are continuing it with her living room today! this has been the summer of rugs- we have added so many to the house and they make such a huge difference! this bright pink rug completely transformed the living room (and we got it while it was majorly on sale on rugsusa). we got the floral couch FROM A THRIFT STORE A FEW YEARS AGO FOR MY WEDDING AND CAN'T SEEM TO GET RID OF IT! THE COFFEE TABLE WAS ANOTHER THRIFT STORE FIND THAT BOBETTE PAINTED GOLD. SHE USED AN IKEA CUBE SHELF FILLED WITH TCHOTCHKIES THAT SHE USES FOR EVENTS AND ROTATES THROUGH THE HOUSE. I LOVE HOW THEY ARE STYLED BY COLOR! THIS IS PROBABLY OUR FAVORITE (AND MOST FINISHED ROOM IN THE HOUSE- BUT THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT;)