currently obsessed / grilled pizza + cheese plates

over the summer my aunt introduced me to trader joe's havarti and hard salami on crackers and got me hooked. since then i have been trying to get new cheeses (along with the havarti of course- you really can't go wrong with it), and jarman and i have started a tradition of having a cheese plate after church on sundays (and lots of other days of the week). our second favorite was fresh goat cheese with honey and figs on crackers or crostini's. 

our second favorite thing to snack on is grilled pizza. i don't know why we ever cooked pizza a different way- grilling it is so quick and easy. we followed this tutorial online and it was not very difficult. basically you roll out your dough and prep all your toppings before you go out to the grill. you put olive oil on one side, then lay that side on the grill for 2-3 minutes. then you flip, coat with olive oil, and put on your toppings as fast as you can. then close the grill and let the cheese melt and boom. delicious charred pizza. and i say charred in the nicest way possible.

our favorite combinations have been: prosciutto, fig, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese topped with an arugula salad. also fontina and fresh mozzarella with roasted yellow squash topped with grated parmesan (a three cheese if you will). and lastly fresh mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze. next i want to do a bbq-y mexicany one with corn and beans. i love that you can pretty much put anything you have on top and it's delicious. oh, and use trader joe's dough- it's delicious and only $1.19. we get a few of them and freeze them, because obviously we make pizza quite a bit these days.

currently obsessed / target cartwheel

as if target couldn't get any better (who else requires a weekly 3 hour saunter through every single aisle),  they came out with an app that has the best discounts. every week they release new deals in all categories of the store- clothing, baby, health, beauty, even groceries. so of course, now i have to buy even more stuff from target just because i get such a good discount on it. this past weekend, all clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags were 25% off. if that's not enough to bring you in to the store then i don't know what is. so far i have saved $90 using the app (who knows how much i've spent). do yourself a favor and download it here, you won't regret it (though your husband might!)

Target Wishlist_edited-1.jpg

1. little boy swim trunks- i'm not going to lie, target is kind of slacking in the baby boy clothes section. it is a little depressing (especially if you make the mistake of glancing into the baby girl's clothes where there are thousands of options). but these shorts are on point.

2. weekender bag- for some reason i have it in my head that baby needs his own hospital/overnight bag for when we travel. he would look super stylish with this one.

3. stapler- our cute acrylic stapler doesn't work anymore and jarman has been needing a new one for law school. i don't want to get an ugly stapler- so we are holding out for this one.

4. quilted slip on shoes- i am obsessed with these shoes for fall. they seem so comfy and would be adorable with jeans and a hat. of course, my swollen pregnant feet make it so i have to buy shoes a size up right now, making these ones look like boats on my feet. which is why i haven't purchased them yet, but i just might, boat-feet or not.

5. jersey sheets- i used to love jersey sheets when i was younger, but haven't tried them since i have been married. i mainly love the stripe options- so many good ones!

6. coffee table- we desperately need a coffee table and the price is right on this one. don't be surprised to find it in my house very soon.



currently obsessed / 7 bright lipsticks you need for summer

this current obsession has actually been building for a couple of years. i used to never wear lipstick, let alone bright lipstick. i'm kind of a make-up minimalist. but i have been converted in a big way. somehow bright lipstick has the amazing ability to make you look totally put together, even when your hair is a mess and you are wearing a sub-par outfit. it works wonders and makes your face look so much less flushed. i have been collecting these lipsticks and am so excited to share all of my personal favorites with you today. 

1. Estee Lauder Passion Fruit icon- This shimmery lipstick is perfect for those of you who are scared to go too bright. It adds the perfect amount of color without being too daring.
2. Mac Morange icon- this orange lipstick is intense. in the best way possible. it is definitely one of the bolder lipsticks that i own, and i love pairing it with bold colors- bright blues, neon pinks, and even monochrome orange outfits.
3. ysl #13 le orange icon- though this lipstick is named 'le orange', it is my go to red. this is actually my favorite lipstick in the bunch. ysl lipsticks are to die for. they have gotten the formula just right- perfectly creamy yet not shiny, and the color lasts for hours.
4. Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum icon- i'm not going to lie- this lipstick still scares me a little bit. it is the only one i am ever hesistant to wear because it is so dark and i feel like so many things can go wrong. but i have to admit, when i do wear it i absolutely love it. the color is rich and intense and perfect for when you are feeling a little moody hued.
5. ysl coral incandescent icon- you know how there are two types of neon pink- one that is kind of coral-y and one that is more fuscia? well this is the more coral-y version of neon pink. i'm obsessed. and again, i can't say enough how much i love ysl lipstick. this one is a little more glossy and is just perfect.

6. Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in Orange - this is my latest addition to the collection. i'm not sure if it's actually considered a lipstick (it's kind of similar to baby lips). but it is the best peachy summer color and is so easy to wear without being nervous that it's not perfectly right. it is glossy and colorful with a little bit of shimmer.

7. Nars Schiap icon- this is the more fuscia of the neon pinks. this is the most versatile color and literally works on anyone who tries it. in fact, at my cousins wedding last week every single one of my aunts and cousins wore this lipstick (ages 11-50), and it made everyone look amazing. this is a matte lipstick which helps it to last for long amounts of time.

so, which colors are you most inclined to wear? oh an feel free to share your recommendations- i'm always on the lookout for new fun colors!

currently obsessed / jewelry displays and acrylic trays

i know i'm not the first one to be obsessed with acrylic, but if you're not on this boat you should be. you can pretty much get anything acrylic (or faux acrylic) right now- staplers, shoe boxes, trays, bracelet holders. i love that you can see anything that you put inside acrylic boxes, it adds so much color and life to a room.


in the midst of my acrylic obsession i came across an acrylic necklace holder that was the perfect option to replace my vintage-y one. but of course i didn't buy it and when i went back to get it i couldn't find it. i searched everywhere else for a cool and modern necklace holder (no target, i don't want to hang my necklaces on metallic branches with a bird on them). then i hit the mother-load, at west elm, and it wasn't cheap. but it is probably the best thing i have ever purchased (no drama here). a glass and gold terrarium with a necklace/earring holder inside of it. for real. they have a ton of other display boxes in the collection (which i'm also beginning to hoard), but this is by far the best. i'm not sure that they carry them any more, but i wouldn't be surprised if they did sometime in the future, and i'm telling you- you all need to go buy one. 

this is my current jewelry setup in my room (but it's on a chartreuse dresser with a tv behind it- white makes everything look better). i found the acrylic items at home goods and marshalls, and the umbrella ring holder at anthro. i am so happy to finally have an updated jewelry section in my room- what i have before was unbearable. 

ps. i had lots more pictures to share with you, but have somehow misplaced them on my computer. oops!

currently obsessed / warby parker

have you guys ever tried ordering glasses online? i have looked in to a few companies, but i'm always nervous to buy glasses without trying them on. you never know what they really look like until you see them on your face. i have tried those sites where you upload your pictures and they put the glasses on you too, still doesn't give me the right idea. 

i recently discovered warby parker. they are an online glasses site too, but with them you can order 5 pairs to try on at home for 5 days. it's almost better than shopping for glasses in person, because you get to have them for so long and wear each set for a day. i got my home try-on warby parkers last week and have been playing with them ever since.

when you order the glasses, you get a fun box in the mail that looks like this:


the glasses are all packed neatly inside...


i ordered four pairs of regular eyeglasses and one pair of sunglasses just for kicks. the sunglasses and the reddish glasses are from the new spring collection which has tons of fun colors to choose from.


so which ones do you like best for me? (oh and having the glasses for a few days means you can take lots of shameless selfies with them).


{going clockwise: 1. finch 2. holcomb 3. walker 4. marcel}

i'm liking the top right best so far! i think the cat-eye style suits me.

their glasses are also relatively inexpensive! they are $95-$145, which includes the anti-reflective, prescriptive lenses. also, whenever you buy a pair of warby parker glasses they give a pair to someone in need. so even if you don't really need the glasses (other than to be really cute), you can justify buying them for the good that you are doing! 

be sure to look for the upcoming style posts featuring my favorite warby parker glasses!