currently obsessed / jewelry displays and acrylic trays

i know i'm not the first one to be obsessed with acrylic, but if you're not on this boat you should be. you can pretty much get anything acrylic (or faux acrylic) right now- staplers, shoe boxes, trays, bracelet holders. i love that you can see anything that you put inside acrylic boxes, it adds so much color and life to a room.


in the midst of my acrylic obsession i came across an acrylic necklace holder that was the perfect option to replace my vintage-y one. but of course i didn't buy it and when i went back to get it i couldn't find it. i searched everywhere else for a cool and modern necklace holder (no target, i don't want to hang my necklaces on metallic branches with a bird on them). then i hit the mother-load, at west elm, and it wasn't cheap. but it is probably the best thing i have ever purchased (no drama here). a glass and gold terrarium with a necklace/earring holder inside of it. for real. they have a ton of other display boxes in the collection (which i'm also beginning to hoard), but this is by far the best. i'm not sure that they carry them any more, but i wouldn't be surprised if they did sometime in the future, and i'm telling you- you all need to go buy one. 

this is my current jewelry setup in my room (but it's on a chartreuse dresser with a tv behind it- white makes everything look better). i found the acrylic items at home goods and marshalls, and the umbrella ring holder at anthro. i am so happy to finally have an updated jewelry section in my room- what i have before was unbearable. 

ps. i had lots more pictures to share with you, but have somehow misplaced them on my computer. oops!