currently obsessed / warby parker

have you guys ever tried ordering glasses online? i have looked in to a few companies, but i'm always nervous to buy glasses without trying them on. you never know what they really look like until you see them on your face. i have tried those sites where you upload your pictures and they put the glasses on you too, still doesn't give me the right idea. 

i recently discovered warby parker. they are an online glasses site too, but with them you can order 5 pairs to try on at home for 5 days. it's almost better than shopping for glasses in person, because you get to have them for so long and wear each set for a day. i got my home try-on warby parkers last week and have been playing with them ever since.

when you order the glasses, you get a fun box in the mail that looks like this:


the glasses are all packed neatly inside...


i ordered four pairs of regular eyeglasses and one pair of sunglasses just for kicks. the sunglasses and the reddish glasses are from the new spring collection which has tons of fun colors to choose from.


so which ones do you like best for me? (oh and having the glasses for a few days means you can take lots of shameless selfies with them).


{going clockwise: 1. finch 2. holcomb 3. walker 4. marcel}

i'm liking the top right best so far! i think the cat-eye style suits me.

their glasses are also relatively inexpensive! they are $95-$145, which includes the anti-reflective, prescriptive lenses. also, whenever you buy a pair of warby parker glasses they give a pair to someone in need. so even if you don't really need the glasses (other than to be really cute), you can justify buying them for the good that you are doing! 

be sure to look for the upcoming style posts featuring my favorite warby parker glasses!