entertaining / my geometric baby shower!

my mom and mother-in-law threw me the best baby shower last week! it was so freakin' cute and so freakin' fun. and delicious. it was geometric themed, so all the decor centered around that and bright colors. we used lots of washi tape to spruce everything up.

the entryway:

we hung diamond shaped honeycombs and triangular garlands. i am obsessed with those tulips that my mom found the morning of (at ralph's)- sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest effects. my aunt, angela, flew out for the shower and insisted that we have a favor (which is not bobette's forte), so she made them herself! angela got cute lollipops and hung them from our gold knick-knack hanger (what else could you call that thing?), and had a quote that said 'it's the littlest ones that shape our hearts'- adorable and totally theme appropriate. 

also, we have had baby's name picked out since day one and have never been shy about sharing it- so i guess it's about time that i share on here. we are naming him jay, and he has already been nick-named baby jay and jay bae. naturally.


the food: 

the food was to die for. i don't think i stopped eating the entire time (as made evident by the many pictures of the chubby prego girl with food in her mouth. such a cliche). we served my current obsession- grilled cheese and tomato soup (inspired by the kids meal at nordstrom that i indulge in at least once a week). lanell made all of this and it was seriously amazing. we also had lots of meats and cheeses and had so much fun testing out different combinations- though i will also go back to fresh mozzarella with prosciutto and balsamic glaze. we also had salads and bruschetta.

for the food set up, bobette covered her massive table in kraft paper, which we wrote the different types of cheeses/food on using a white marker. it was so simple and turned out so cute. we hung himmeli's that we had made from straws above the table, and more shape garlands (can't get enough). 


of course we had to have cake. lille made three adorable white cakes and we topped them with and 'baby jay' banner and geometric shapes.

we used the gold bar cart for drinks (of course), and had labelled the guests 'bottles' with cute target labels. we served martinelli's and our favorite mojito punch.


the tables:

we had tables set up outside for guests to devour their food at. bobette slaved over those centerpieces for days- she made paper geo's (each one had to be cut and folded and glued), then attached them to peg board. she got the diy instructions from ruffled blog. we also added oh joy! for target cups that we had planted with little pepper plants. down the whole center we added in greenery cut from local trees (though it wasn't organic, but definitely locally grown). we used washi tape to create individual place settings.

and now some pictures from the party. i'm like super third trimester so please don't mind a little pudge.

my aunts that flew out for the shower- best surprise ever!!

most of my best friends live in other states and couldn't make it- but they sent me the diaper bag i had been pining over. miss and love you guys!!

and lastly- me and the two ladies who made the whole thing possible!! (not to mention the many others who helped!!).