entertaining / what to do with your thanksgiving leftovers

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thanksgiving is in one week! i am so excited! we are spending the holiday with some old family friends (since we are across the country from all of our family). while i'm sad we are missing out on my cousin's homecoming from his mission in guatemala and our family's thanksgiving traditions, i'm so happy we have someone to spend it with!

the day after thanksgiving is monumental for my dad. it is when he starts making his infamous 'two-finger' sandwiches. he takes the leftover rolls, leftover turkey or pork rack (which seems to find its way to every holiday, and i'm not mad about it), and some spicy mustard and makes the most heavenly little sandwiches. for the next week or so, whenever any friends or family come over my dad will make them a 'two finger' whether they like it or not. but mostly they just like it.

i've recently discovered a different way to reuse thanksgiving foods. at trader joe's they have the most delicious wraps that have turkey, stuffing, cream cheese, and cranberry. how easy is that? i have gotten them so often lately, and keep imagining how much better they would be with homemade foods. and they include a thin, creamy maple dressing to dip the wrap in. i usually heat it up for 10 minutes or so in the over, so the outside is a little crispy. i may or may not have discovered that it also tastes really good dipped in caramel. don't judge me. 

how will you be using your thanksgiving leftovers?

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ps. have you seen this thanksgiving guide from style me pretty, it's pretty epic!