fashion / a marie antoinette valentine's


do any of you love sofia coppola's marie antoinette as much as i do? i remember going to see the movie with my best friend and being completely smitten- the colors, the parties, the shoes! if i could live in any movie, it would be in that one. the time period was a little nutty, but i wouldn't mind being marie herself (even if it meant having to be blonde!).

we took these pictures in my little sister's room with her hot pink striped wall and cute green bed. don't you just love it? the dress is a very old betsy johnson number that i don't think i will ever tire of. the fur is vintage, it was one of those things that i couldn't live without but had no idea when i would wear it. (i ended up using it for our engagements). wouldn't you love to spend valentine's in shades of green and pink eating chocolate in bed? you get the best of both world's: playing dress up and being lazy!