fashion / getting cozy

i'm not going to lie. i'm a pretty pathetic homebody. i love that i have a job where i can work from my bed, and that my internship is only part time. most of the time i like to stay cozy and warm, and have no problem being lazy for a day out of the week. this weekend jarman and i ran around town trying to cross things off of our tourist list before we leave dc (one month from today! and that is not a happy exclamation). i was so happy to put together an outfit that was cozy enough to make me not feel the need to stay in bed all day. that fur vest is like living in the best blanket ever. and i know i ragged on jeans last week, but these pilcro jeans have been worn in enough to be (somewhat) comfy. oh and i am loving this hat with a leather bill (similar here). jarman almost laughed it back to the store when i first bought it, he had literally never seen me wear a baseball cap and was shocked. i stood my ground and have loved wearing it.