fashion / sydney's birthday dream!

it's sydney's birthday today!! we are so sad that we don't get to celebrate with her but will be thinking about her all day! before sydney left on her mission (it has been two weeks today and already feels like forever!) we had to go up to la to get some paperwork for her visa. she had talked about taking pictures at the urban light sculpture at the lacma, so we made her dreams come true and did just that. we actually photographed a bunch of different outfits to create a little stockpile for while she was gone (of course they'll only last about a month though!). i think i'm going to get one of the photos framed but i can't decide which!

syd is wearing an old juicy couture dress of mine that is perfect for spring/summer. i love the bright pattern and the big bow in front. we put my black and white peter pan collared shirt underneath (she got bright red lipstick on the shirt when she put it on! can you spot it?). her little flats were from tj maxx, but we have seen shoes like that all over the place right now. 

we walked around the lacma a little bit more- it is one of my favorite places in la!

happy birthday sydney! i know you won't see this but i love you and am proud of you! if anyone wants to send her some birthday love you can email her at