fashion / white winter princess


while things are freezing over on the east coast we have been enjoying a california winter. actually, i have been a bit confused as to which season i should be dressing/shopping for. i really want to wear a winter palette, but it's so hard when it is 80 degrees every day. i usually end up wearing brights and dresses and summery things, though i wish i wore outfits like this more often.

syd and i originally wanted to pair the glammed out sparkle sweater with a short purple leather skirt, but somehow i felt like the colored leather trend already annoyed me. or maybe it's because syd's legs are much longer than my stubs, so it was wayyyy too short on her. the tulle skirt is perfect. it adds to the light palette, gives more texture, and is a much more appropriate length. how much do you love those snakeskin booties? i have been made fun of for years (by my loving family) for them, but i still am totally obsessed. i got that fur jacket for christmas (it was $20 at h and m). we put my plum bobbi brown lipstick on her giving her an awesome contrasting color. and what did i tell you about that hat last week? i want to pair it with every outfit every day. this is probably my favorite shoot we have done so far!