from my camera / 100 acre wood


saturday may have been our best day in dc. we planned to go visit the kreeger museum that afternoon, but had no idea that the walk there would be so delightful. we took a bus up through georgetown and had to walk about half an hour from there. the map said there was a path through a park that would lead us. little did we know that the park was a forest, and the path was covered in leaves.

i was literally so excited i couldn't control myself. it was the prettiest place i have ever been, and we went at the perfect time of year to see all of the fall leaves. we spent almost an hour walking through and taking pictures of all the foliage. i was having major flashbacks to my childhood in virginia (i lived in burke till i was 7) and the massive forests in my grandma's backyard and down the hill from my backyard. i remember always being so scared that the trees would fall over on to my house. and loving the hammock hung between two trees behind my grandmas house. i remember taking a pictures from the hammock of the trees above and thinking it was the best picture ever taken. i remember chasing chipmunks and eating honeysuckles and swinging on the magnolia tree when i wasn't allowed. i remember being so excited when my mom and i caught a turtle on our walk. i remember the train tracks that went through the forest and the stepping stones we had to walk across rivers.

i love that massive parks in big cities can do that for you. they take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and force you to enjoy the little things (even if those little things tower overhead). i wish that i could transport all of you there, because these pictures really don't show the grandeur of our short walk. oh, and i'm sorry that this is like my thousandth post with pictures of fall leaves, i will try my hardest to not do any more!