from my camera / audrey's birthday brunch


audrey's birthday was on friday and i kid you not when i say that she loves her birthday more than i love mine. and that's saying a lot, because i loooovvveeee my birthday. she made a schedule two weeks beforehand of everything that we were going to do, and then posted it all over the house. she also made andie sign a contract promising that she would be nice all day on her birthday, and threatened the rest of us and her friends that she was going to make us sign one too. first on her list was to open her birthday outfit and have her birthday brunch. the night before, audrey and our mom went to the dollar store to get supplies for the brunch. they got the polka dot table cloth, balloons, and plates to accent the leftover decorations from the bridal shower last week (which i am posting about on wednesday, be excited!). after her brunch we went shopping, then came home and she tried on all of her new clothes for us. that night she went to sushi and we had lava cakes for dessert.

almost everyone says that me and audge look the most alike and act the most alike. she is kind of my twin separated by ten years. we are both a little bit spazzy, very excitable, and tend to over-think everything. we have a few good qualities too. audrey is by far the most thoughtful person in our family- she is the only sister to consistently give presents and always chooses meaningful things. i'm happy to call her my twin, not only because she is so cute but also because she is such a great little sister to have in my life.