from my camera / summer

hi! i'm finally back from a nice summer break and trying to adjust to real life again. we moved away from temecula to our own place in san diego and have been loving it. living at home has it's perks, but we are so happy to be on our own again. be ready for lots of home posts because decorating my house is all i can think about lately. and cooking/eating, it is so much fun to have my own kitchen again.

jarman started law school last week and absolutely loves it so far. i've been kind of jealous that he gets to go to school still- i miss it! i'm trying to find ways to enrich myself and keep busy with important things (rather than just shopping). most days i feel like such a housewife - i clean, cook, do laundry, work from home, and wait patiently for jarman to get home from school to hang out with me.

today marks 100 days until baby's due date! every day i still can't believe how crazy it is that we are actually having a baby. i try to grasp how much it will change our day to day lives. overall i'm just so amazed that it's really happening. sometimes it feels like it hasn't hit me yet- like this pregnancy is just another part of life. but i love feeling him move and kick, it makes it seem so much more real. i keep having dreams where i'm looking at my belly and watching him bump around in there, and then all of a sudden i can see him through my belly. one time he was actually halfway out and we were playing with him. another time i could see whole imprints of his feet and toes because he was kicking so hard. pregnancy dreams never stop and get weirder every day. i'm pretty sure jarman thinks i'm insane every morning when i tell them to him.

anyways, i wanted to share some photos of what we have been up to the past month! at the end of july jarman's younger brother got home from serving a mission in colorado. we loved picking him up from the airport and finally having his whole family together again!

after lots of jarman family time, we went to a beach house with all of my mom's sister's families. it was so much fun- we stayed in oceanside right on the water crammed in two apartments complete with spa, fire pit, and putting green. we swam and ate and watched beautiful sunsets every night.

my cousin made the cutest video of the beach house, watch it here: