six (cheap) gifts for wanderlusters

it's finally christmas time! i'm not going to lie, jarman and i have been listening to christmas music for like 3 weeks now. i love it, it makes the winter chill feel so much warmer (because we are from southern california where there is no such thing as a white christmas). we even started our christmas shopping quite early this year! i have loved looking around the web and seeing all of the gift guides pop up and discovering so many different and unique items. unfortunately, most of the suggested gifts are well out of our price range. i decided i wanted to show how to give less expensive gifts to those you love, while still making them meaningful. all of the gifts in my mini gift guides will be under $100. sound good?

1. Fujifilm Instax Camera- ($58.95) jarman actually got me this camera two years ago and i love it to pieces. it takes great pictures and is great to take around on all of your adventures.

2. Travel Journal- ($17.86) a travel journal is essential for those who are always going new places. i kept a really good journal when i was in italy, and jarman has actually taken on the task here. this one is extra cool because you can scratch off the places you have been.

3. Passport Holder- ($19.99) passports are already cool in-and-of themselves, but why not make them even snazzier with a cool holder? that way you can show off your stamps and the holder.

4. 36 Hours Books- ($32.22) i love these books so much. they are perfect for daydreaming about your next trips, and very helpful in planning trips all around the world.

5. Weekender Bag- ($79.99) if you're going to be doing some awesome traveling, you have to have a killer bag. this herschel is perfect for your quick weekends away.

6. London iPhone Case- ($38.00) this gift is perfect for those who have fond memories of the best city in the world, but no way to get back any time soon. (i may be talking about myself right now.)