kitchen make-over / inspiration

if you follow me on instagram you may have seen that my house is going to be featured in rue magazine this month! i was ecstatic when i was chosen to be a part of the small spaces issue- living in a small townhouse is finally paying off! i restyled my living/dining room and bedroom to send in updated pictures last week. you'll get to see the full reveal and details on my latest diys next week after the magazine comes out. 

in the midst of rearranging and updating the main living spaces, i realized how neglected my kitchen is. i only sent in one picture of my kitchen because it is just embarrassing on all fronts. for the most part i have felt like it is a lost cause- ugly flooring, countertops, appliances and cupboards all seem irredeemable (if that's a word). however, after 'finishing' (is anything ever really finished) the rest of my house and having so much momentum after the shoot, i have decided to finally give my kitchen the love that it needs. here is the direction i am going in.

since our storage space is very limited (we literally only have 4 drawers), i got some ikea shelving and have been using it for all our dishes and some food storage. it's actually the only cute part about my kitchen right now, but i'd like to add some drawers to make some more room.

like i've said before, we have the worst linoleum in the history of linoleum. i discovered black and white linoleum tiles that are sticky and removable. you can place it directly on top of gross linoleum to make it somewhat decent looking. i'm so excited to do this, it will make a huge difference. i also love all the artwork in the kitchen in this picture.

i'm loving this organization. i want to go label-maker crazy and completely redo the inside of my cabinets.

i know, i did copper pipe in the baby's room. but i can't get enough. i'm going to hang a long copper pipe in my kitchen and use s-hooks to hang mugs, pot-holders, etc. hopefully it works like i want it to!

more copper pipe goodness. i love the patterned backsplash too. i'm going to use removable wallaper for my backsplash!

so i probably won't go this crazy- painting the inside of our rental cupboards seems a little extreme. but i love this idea and this kitchen in general. 

i have already started working on this space- but it will be a while until it feels pretty. follow along to see updates on instagram- @realityandretrospect.