kitchen makeover / progress

so as i was shooting my house for the rue magazine feature i was completely embarrassed by my kitchen. i didn't send in any pictures of it because there was nothing special about it! i got super motivated to work on it and make it semi-liveable. see my plans for the kitchen makover in this post.

first i installed that awesome removable wallpaper from target. it was actually really easy; i did it by myself in an hour (but don't look too closely). i'm really happy with how it turned out and how it creates a faux backsplash. it has been a few months and has held up pretty well for a $30 quick fix. 

next i added the copper pipe. i can't remember what size i got, i just wanted to make sure it was compatible with ikea accessories (like the little hanging shelf below). i used curtain rod brackets and screwed them in to the shelving above (well jarman screwed them in, my attempt didn't turn out so well). i created a hanging paper towel holder using more copper pipe and the s-hooks (from ikea). jarman actually told me that this is his favorite thing i have done to the house because it is so usable and cleared up what little counter space we have!

i added that little shelf ($20 steal from west elm!), awesome orange clock (ikea), and pom-pom curtain (anthro) for some more pops of color.

we got the fjalkinge shelving from ikea for more storage. i love this shelving so much, it has such a clean look and is super sturdy compared to most ikea things. it is definitely not the cheapest option, but is totally worth the investment. i plan to add sets of drawers on the bottom at some point, but i have too many other priorities in the house to spend $140 on drawers!

lastly, i replaced the eat sign from the rue shoot (which was borrowed from a friend), with those gold geometric letter. promise you won't judge me if i tell you where they came from??? they are from hobby lobby, which is one of my least favorite stores ever. but, bobette has a way of finding the cuteness through the crap.