last year's christmas party

i didn't get a chance to share pictures of our christmas party last year, and since we don't get to throw one this year i'm going to do it now. this is really just jarman and his friends at their finest. they are hilarious, but sooo obnoxious. but mostly hilarious. they decided to make the party an ugly sweater/turtleneck party (though the girls just decided to look cute). and then they took family pictures in front of the tree.

i was really proud of my christmas decorating. looking back on it, everything looks really awkward in our weird house, but it was our first christmas as grown-ups and you have to start somewhere right? when i was younger i bet my mom that i would do an orange christmas tree. i figured this was the year to deliver. i went with pink an orange decorations and even diy-ed some geometric orange and gold balls. i'm pretty craftsy. yes our couch is in front of a bookshelf and a door to a closet, but i really wanted to have a fireplace scene. it would have been nice if i had thought to include firewood to make it look more complete

oh! another diy- i made those pom-pom strings on the shelves, and attached some pom-poms to our stockings. pretty much all of the ornaments on our tree i stole from my mom, and somehow you can hardly seen them. i used pink and orange tulle on the tree as well, and got our cute glitter star topper at west elm. the piece-de-resistance was that pink feather wreath. my aunt and i fought over who got it, and i most definitely won on the 'i'm-a-poor-college-student' argument'. gets them every time. while i don't necessarily miss that little house, i do miss getting to decorate for christmas!