photo shoot / boho glam family pictures


before syd left we really wanted to take family pictures. we hadn't gotten any done since jarman has been an official part of the family. we decided to just try to take them using a tripod and a clicker. it was actually a lot harder than i thought it would be- my clicker wouldn't work if we were too far from the camera, but my good lens makes it so we have to be kind of far. so the ones with the whole family were literally timer pictures where i was running in my six inch heels in the sand to get back to the camera. it was totally worth it though because i love how the pictures turned out.

we decided we wanted to do a boho shoot (which not only provided our stylistic choices but also lots of jokes from the boys). we all tried to wear longish or flowy dresses with big heels. we also brought down a bunch of furs to wear for some of the pictures. we like to choose outfits that loosely go together, rather than things that are obviously matching (like white shirts and jeans). i love the bright blues that pop out of some of the outfits, and we also had creams and browns and black and few others. 

we took the pictures in oceanside (this little outing was on sydney's last day so she got to see the beach and eat at phil's as well). some of them are just in front of people's houses, and the others were on some rocks and stairs that we found. we went down with some ideas of places, but nothing set. it was fun to drive around and find the cutest places we could (we ended up parking the car only once though- all of these locations are within walking distance of each other).

seriously though, how cute is my family? my sisters get prettier and prettier, my mom looks younger and younger, and jarman is handsomer and handsomer. you better believe we will have lots of these pictures all over our house!