photo shoot / missionary farewell


both of these girls are going on missions really soon! actually, krista (my cousin) leaves today! she will be serving in the west indies french speaking mission for the next 18 months! sydney leaves on march 5th (which is coming way too fast) for the costa rica mission. they are both going to be so awesome! if you have any questions about mormon missionaries, feel free to contact me or check here!

before the girls left, their mothers requested a photo shoot of the two of them. they have been best friends/cousins since birth, so it seemed only fitting! i was dying over the blossoming tree in the backyard (you know if have a weakness for blossoms, look at my cover photo!). and forced them to sit and stand awkwardly on a table to get as many blossoms as possible.

i am seriously going to miss these girls so much over the next year and a half!