rue / living room updates

i've shared a lot of little snippets of my living room on instagram, and everything was shown on rue- but i thought i'd share all of the updates here. i didn't change too much, just a little sprucing. added some pillows and plants, borrowed an awesome chair from bobette to fill the empty space that needs a chair really badly (any suggestions?? it needs to be comfortable and small and really cute. plus affordable). 

the biggest change was the addition of two more rorschach prints. i always thought that the wall needed more oomph- and i'm so happy with how it turned out!

i also changed up the shelves a little bit (as i usually do at least once monthly!). i love that toulouse-lautrec print in the black and white frame- so melancholic and beautiful!

i love working on this room since we spend so much time in it- that couch has seen hours of breastfeeding while watching the mindy project.