second baby wish list / the baby cubby

i am so excited to be having another baby (and even more excited that it's a girl!!!). now that i'm a 'seasoned mom' (which, i know i know, i'm really not being only 2.5 years in to it, but just go with it!), there are some things that i want to do a little differently this go around. i have teamed up with the baby cubby, an amazing online shop that has all of the practical and fun things that you need as a mom. they can be an amazing resource whether your are a first timer, or you have a few different kids at different ages. i am sharing the things that are on my list this time. now that i have a lot of the gear that i need (bathtub, car seat, pack n play, etc.), i'm excited to splurge on some more exciting things and add some more practical things to my stockpile.

uppababy vista stroller- the very first thing i need, and definitely the most expensive thing i'll be getting this time is a double stroller. i made the mistake of getting the super cute stroller that had hardly any storage and doesn't convert to a double. i am obsessed with the uppa baby vista because it comes with a seat and a bassinet, and you can use both at the same time! there are so many different combinations this stroller can do, plus it has a kickboard you can add on that i'm sure jay will love!

ergo baby 360- i wasn't the best at baby wearing with jay because i didn't have to be. i was free to hold him all day long and it was no big deal. i have a feeling that with number two baby-wearing is going to be a lifesaver. i have heard nothing but good things about the ergo 360 and am excited that it will last from the newborn to toddler stages.

dock-a-tot- most first time moms think 'of course the baby won't sleep with me in bed that is pure lunacy, and think of the SIDS!' When it comes around to it though, it just happens. You're tired, the baby is tired, and it's easy. we also currently have a toddler that sneaks in to our bed every night and i'm not sure that we will be breaking that habit any time soon. with the dockatot, baby girl can still sleep in our cozy bed with us, but she will have her own space and won't be rolled on or kicked by any of the other three people in bed.

stokke steps highchair- this is definitely a splurge. with jay i have just used his bumbo seat with a tray i never got him a proper high chair. with baby #2 i feel like i can spend a little extra and get her this adorable stokke highchair that will fit in so perfectly with our home i can't stand it.

aiden + anais swaddles- jay still uses his aiden and anais swaddles to this day. they are his blankets he sleeps with and they have just gotten softer with time. they are not my favorite swaddling blanket, but i'm hoping sis will take after her brother and latch on to them as a security blanket. plus these ones are pink with gold details- so perfect!

meri meri mermaid doll- i always thought the boy stuffed animals that were supposed to be cute always ended up looking a little creepy, so i'm going to indulge in all the girl ones i can get! 

blue plane- my plan for getting jay to like baby from the get go (fingers crossed) is to have her 'bring him' a toy when she arrives, i'm sure this cute little blue plane will do the trick!

briar handmade bonnet- for some reason i just envision baby girl always wearing adorable bonnets. jay wore beanies for the first three months of his life and i feel like the girl version would be adorable bonnets. hopefully she has super squishy cheeks that hang over the edges, but that's just wishful thinking:)

camera rattle- this one is obviously just for fun, but i think considering my profession it's an actual necessity and i am shocked that i don't have a cute wooden camera toy already.

fridababy thermometer- whenever anyone asks me for recommendations for what to get before they have a baby a good thermometer is on the top of my list. this is because i have spent so many nights with cheap thermometers trying to compare armpit vs mouth temperatures and taking so long to get anything right. the readings are usually varied and i always stress that they are wrong. of course i haven't broken down and gotten myself a good thermometer yet, but i'm definitely going to this go around. this fridababy thermometer is amazing because you stick a patch on your baby's skin and it alerts you when the temp gets to a certain point. so on the nights your baby is sick you don't have to wake up every few hours to check them, you can be alerted automatically. this thing is genius!

lulu and roo matching hoodies and sweatpants- i have had this vision of having jay and baby girl in matching sweatsuits for her newborn photos and these lulu and roo ones are perfect. nuff said.

june and penny bracelets- i've been dreaming of putting ridiculously small jewelry on a baby for years and can't even wait to be able to finally do so.