six (cheap) gifts for little princes

last week i shared gifts for little girls, and i figured i should try and find things for little boys as well. because most likely i will have a boy or two or three, and i'm going the have to do something with them. (growing up with all girls makes little boys seem not as fun, but i've heard they're great!). i actually had a pretty easy time finding things for the little guys!

1. itty bitty hoodie ($26.95) for the days when he's feeling casual but still wants to party.

2. checkered trousers ($29.90) to dress up his hoodie.

3. leather converse ($36.95) to make him to coolest kid in school. 

4. indoor tent ($99) for all of his playtime adventures.

5. train set ($46) just because it's pretty adorable.

6. Damien Hirst ABC's ($16.20) the most famous contemporary artist is making kids books. ah-mazing.