six (cheap) gifts for surfers

shopping for boys is confusing. usually they only want things that they need and use, nothing superfluous like the many accessories and things that girls always want. maybe that's why they don't carry purses, they don't need to lug around excessive amounts of stuff 'just in case.' i find myself buying the same things for every holiday: new work shirts, new shoes to replace the ones that have been worn out, moleskin notebooks. i've tried to get creative and get things like watches, but ultimately they go unworn (except by me) and i just get angry. so from here on out i'm going to try to stick with the list, and get only things that jarman needs and uses on a regular basis. now that we are moving to california (for good! and in less than 2 weeks!), surf gear can finally be on the list.

there are just a few things that surfers have to have. board and wet suits are obviously the more expensive items that can only be given every so often. the items below are things that surfers will always need/use, making them easy to shop for. 

{this list was curated by jarman}

1. wetsuit top ($89.99)

2. bodysurfing fins ($76)

3. surfboard repair kit( $12.86)

4. Booties ($44.95)

5. leash ($20-75)

6. wax ($4.95)