six (cheap) gifts for the hostess

hopefully you will be attending some fabulous holiday parties this year, and you never want to show up empty handed. my usual go-to's for hostess gifts are flowers, dishtowels, and oven mitts. this thanksgiving i decided to change it up and got our thanksgiving hostess a boxwood wreath- and, not to toot my own horn to much, i think it was a solid decision. so why not think a little outside of the box this year? let's give our hostesses things that they will use again and again!

Gift for the Hostess.jpg

1. boxwood wreath- ($31.99) this one is from target, and is dried so it will last a long time. i bought my fresh one from trader joe's for $9.99. either will make a perfect addition to your hostesses holiday decor.

2. anthro candle- ($25) i love the scent of this candle, jarman actually got it for me for last christmas and i was so sad when it ran out. 

3. glitter teaspoons- ($38) these have kind of been all over the web, but i love them too much not to share them. little mini glitter teaspoons? could they get any cuter? they will be perfect for all of your hostesses future parties.

4. serving bowl- ($24.99) if you are bringing a dish to contribute to the party, why not bring it in something your hostess can use again. this is one of the coolest bowls around (with a chartreuse rim no less)

5. old-fashioned backgammon- ($49) i love the idea of giving an old-fashioned game that can be used as an accessory, rather than hidden in a closet.

6. terrarium- ($29) a modern take on bringing flowers, you will get extra points for having these babies already filled with succulents.