sweeping declaration

obviously this post is kind of unnecessary, because it is basically just a post telling you that i'm not going to post for a couple more weeks. it's more for my conscience, and to let you know that this blog has not fallen off the face of the planet (ok, maybe it temporarily has). what started as a decrease in posts caused by constant morning sickness, has shifted into a complete lack of posts caused by finally feeling better and wanting to enjoy every moment of summer that i have. and that is exactly what i have been doing.

i could pretend i have been busy with really important things (work, finding an apartment, shopping for a little boy who might just be the cutest dresser ever)- but really those are just excuses for what i have really been spending my sweet time on. i pretty much live to be in the sun right now. if i'm not at the beach i'm laying out at the pool reading a good book. and that's really how summer should be right? somehow i'm 24 and pregnant and still summering exactly like i did when i was 16 (just add in some swelling feet and ankles and a few too many extra pounds to stuff in to my swim suits). so yes- my blog has gotten really lame lately and it's not for lack of inspiration or content (i have lots of things that i could post, and will post eventually), it's because i am partying too hard (or being too lazy- whichever way you want to see it). but i am giving myself a deadline. this has to come to an end at some point and i still do love blogging and want this site to continue to grow.

so. considering that i have family in town for the next two weeks and will be spending even more time at the beach, and that the next week we are packing up everything in temecula and moving in to our apartment in san diego, and the week after that will be full of unpacking and organizing, i'm going to give myself a generous 4 more weeks of vacation until i relaunch r&r. yes, i do like to spoil myself quite a bit. but, come august 25th plan on a complete 180 with posts 4-5 times a week (like i used to), and a total reboot of all my old columns.

yay! it feels so good to get this off my chest and to not have posts on my to do list that never get crosses off (i'm sure you're laughing at my having a to-do list considering what you just read- but sometimes i do pretend to be a little bit responsible.) in the meantime i will be prepping for my fresh start. and spending more time at the beach. 

oh, and yes, i am crazy enough to post a picture of myself pregnant in a bathing suit. i'm not sure if this is a moment of confidence or total insanity. see you next month!

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