entertaining / kira's boho bridal shower

we have been doing lots of weddings and bridal showers around here (well three to be exact, but it feels like a ton!). i am so excited to share all of our work (and by our i mostly mean bobette, with my assistance). first up is the shower we threw for my best friend, kira. we decided to do a moroccan/bohemian inspired evening outdoors (a term which jarman has turned into 'moboho'). 

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bridal shower gift idea / tressa's bedroom makeover


my mom came up with the best idea for bridal showers. rather than having everyone bring random gifts (and subsequently receiving twenty cookie sheets), why not have guests pitch in for the couples first master bedroom? she first tested this idea out at my bridal shower, and it really was so awesome. we had an entire bedroom curated and designed to fit our tastes. this also makes it easier for bridal shower guests: rather than shopping they can just give cash to the decorator and put their name on the card at the end. we did this again for tressa's shower and it was so much fun to be on the giving (shopping) end. i loved designing her room. 

(if you're wondering how we pulled this off logistically: we send out an evite and said to contact bobette about the group gift. people texted/emailed her if they wanted to contribute money and how much. they brought us the money up until the shower and we shopped using the money we would eventually collect. we set the bedroom up in one of the rooms of our house so that she could see the entire thing put together!)


included in her bedroom are: the curtains, lamps, end tables, all of the bedding (duvet, blanket, sheets and throw pillows), the bench, the rug at the end of the bed, the art, and that awesome sunburst mirror (from walmart!).


bridal shower / tressa's outdoor brunch fête

last week bobette and i threw my cousin, tressa, a bridal shower. bobette kept saying this was my debut as a party thrower, so we had to make it awesome. tress wanted it to be a brunch and had a huge guest list, so we took the party outside to accommodate all of the lovely ladies. 

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