la jolla maternity photos / eucalyptus groves with tossama

I have so many friends that are pregnant right now and i'm so excited for all of the new babies to come! i love maternity sessions so much, and this one with tossama in the eucalyptus groves was just gorgeous. her dress was so

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photoshoot / my maternity pictures!

i'm not gonna lie, before i got pregnant jarman used to make fun of all pictures of pregnant women because they were always holding their bellies and looking down. so typical, right? but since being pregnant i've discovered that these women weren't holding their bellies because they were heavy, but rather to define them and make them look more like a baby belly rather than looking like a big fat blob. which is what we pregnant women feel like most of the time. i'm not sure what the looking down thing is all about- maybe to show how much we love our little babies? maybe we are giving them death glares to stop kicking our ribs? maybe our heads have gotten weak like the rest of our bodies and we can't muster the strength to lift them up? whatever the reason- i'll totally understand if you make fun of these photos. because i have been there.

jarman actually took these for me and did a fabulous job (when he wasn't distracted by watching the waves). of course, my tripod had been misplaced when we took them so we didn't get as many of the two (three?) of us as i would have liked (don't worry- it has since been located in one of jarman's drawers in his closet. i doubt that's a coincidence- he hates taking pictures even though he is so photogenic). we took them at a little spot in la jolla and got some of the coolest sunset pics. it was a perfect evening.

after we finished, some chinese people saw me and asked to take pictures of me too. they were like paparazzi and wouldn't let me leave. they also told me that i had to take nude pictures while i'm pregnant or else i will regret it. the old grandpa was especially enthusiastic about this. don't plan on seeing pics like that anytime soon- it's so not happening!

photo shoot / nicole's maternity session


i was more than excited when nicole, one of my best friends, asked me to do her maternity shoot. nicole is gorgeous and has the most adorable baby belly. what's even better is she let me do whatever i wanted for the shoot (she is the easiest and nicest person i know). i had seriously thought about how i wanted to do it for months, but of course pulled everything together last minute.

i always knew i wanted to use our vintage couch we got for my wedding (from a thrift store for $75! can't beat that!). i decided to put it in front of our back sliding glass door, and hung tulle ikea curtains up as the backdrop. i have been inspired by bright white photographs lately and wanted the perfect lighting. i went to my favorite antique store and found some vintage night gowns that completed the look.


doesn't this first dress remind you of wendy moira angela darling? i love that it came with a slip and a robe and has such perfect lace detailing! 

this is the second night gown i purchased. it looked a little bit hospital gown-ish on, but we loved having it open for some bare-belly shots. 

for her third outfit i knew i wanted to do a black maxi. luckily sydney has one and left it home for me to wear almost every day. it looked awesome on nicole and created the perfect contrast against the bright white sky. i wanted to do some outdoors, but it was super windy so we didn't get to take a ton. we used the vintage umbrella that kira got me for christmas one year. i think these picture would make the coolest prints (if i do say so myself!).


thanks nicole for letting me take your pictures! i can't wait to take more of your little lady! 

ps. it was really hard to narrow down these pics- i might have to do another post of outtakes!