currently obsessed / 7 bright lipsticks you need for summer

this current obsession has actually been building for a couple of years. i used to never wear lipstick, let alone bright lipstick. i'm kind of a make-up minimalist. but i have been converted in a big way. somehow bright lipstick has the amazing ability to make you look totally put together, even when your hair is a mess and you are wearing a sub-par outfit. it works wonders and makes your face look so much less flushed. i have been collecting these lipsticks and am so excited to share all of my personal favorites with you today. 

1. Estee Lauder Passion Fruit icon- This shimmery lipstick is perfect for those of you who are scared to go too bright. It adds the perfect amount of color without being too daring.
2. Mac Morange icon- this orange lipstick is intense. in the best way possible. it is definitely one of the bolder lipsticks that i own, and i love pairing it with bold colors- bright blues, neon pinks, and even monochrome orange outfits.
3. ysl #13 le orange icon- though this lipstick is named 'le orange', it is my go to red. this is actually my favorite lipstick in the bunch. ysl lipsticks are to die for. they have gotten the formula just right- perfectly creamy yet not shiny, and the color lasts for hours.
4. Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum icon- i'm not going to lie- this lipstick still scares me a little bit. it is the only one i am ever hesistant to wear because it is so dark and i feel like so many things can go wrong. but i have to admit, when i do wear it i absolutely love it. the color is rich and intense and perfect for when you are feeling a little moody hued.
5. ysl coral incandescent icon- you know how there are two types of neon pink- one that is kind of coral-y and one that is more fuscia? well this is the more coral-y version of neon pink. i'm obsessed. and again, i can't say enough how much i love ysl lipstick. this one is a little more glossy and is just perfect.

6. Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in Orange - this is my latest addition to the collection. i'm not sure if it's actually considered a lipstick (it's kind of similar to baby lips). but it is the best peachy summer color and is so easy to wear without being nervous that it's not perfectly right. it is glossy and colorful with a little bit of shimmer.

7. Nars Schiap icon- this is the more fuscia of the neon pinks. this is the most versatile color and literally works on anyone who tries it. in fact, at my cousins wedding last week every single one of my aunts and cousins wore this lipstick (ages 11-50), and it made everyone look amazing. this is a matte lipstick which helps it to last for long amounts of time.

so, which colors are you most inclined to wear? oh an feel free to share your recommendations- i'm always on the lookout for new fun colors!