exploring san diego / cabrillo tide pools

jarman is on spring break and it has been so awesome having him home all the time. he has gotten to catch up on some quality time with jay and has been planning what we do every day! yesterday he decided we should go visit the tide pools near cabrillo national monument. it was so much fun and jay actually loved it- he was totally laughing as we walked back to the car. we are so excited to have a little beach baby this summer and are starting his training young!

^ Jay's first time putting his feet in the ocean! (don't worry- it was actually warm because it was so shallow!)

christmas decor tour / bobette's winter wonderland

i know, i know. many of the things i blog about are things that my awesome mom has done. maybe i'm just trying to ride her coattails, whatever. her stuff is amazing and needs to be shared. i have invited her to just partner with me on the blog and write her own posts, but she is too lazy/technologically-challenged/proud to do so. so i'm going to continue sharing her projects.

her christmas decor this year has a super fresh and organic feeling with lots of metallics and greenery. Enjoy!