exploring san diego / cabrillo tide pools

jarman is on spring break and it has been so awesome having him home all the time. he has gotten to catch up on some quality time with jay and has been planning what we do every day! yesterday he decided we should go visit the tide pools near cabrillo national monument. it was so much fun and jay actually loved it- he was totally laughing as we walked back to the car. we are so excited to have a little beach baby this summer and are starting his training young!

^ Jay's first time putting his feet in the ocean! (don't worry- it was actually warm because it was so shallow!)

from my camera / pacific beach and la jolla

well i'm back from a long break! the past week has been a whirlwind of emotions, we have had so many changes in our family (for better and worse) that i needed to focus on other things. i am excited to be back though and have lots of fun posts planned for this week.

today is my birthday!! i'm 24 now, which i am actually happy about. for some reason telling people i was 23 made me feel like such a baby who thought they had it all together. 24 is going to be a good year for me! this weekend jarman started off the festivities with a bang. he got us a hotel in la jolla for the night, and took me shopping and to dinner. it was hilarious seeing him try to make it through fashion valley mall with a very excitable me. but he survived to tell the tale.

the next morning we headed over to pacific beach (where jarman thinks we should move during law school). it was actually really pretty! i felt like i always hear about the bad reputation of pb- it's the party/drunk scene for younger people (which i am not anymore- as of today!). i loved it though- of course i would be totally happy to live in any beach city.

after pb, we went to the la jolla tide pools. i have such fond memories of visiting tide pools as a kid, and it was really just as fun as an adult. la jolla has always been my dream city. we had such a fun time staying there. 


here's to a great birthday and my best year yet!