three months with jay / 6 things i've learned about being a new mom

somehow my baby is three months old. i can't even believe it. all of a sudden last night i realized that the days of 'you can't spoil a newborn' are over- he's no longer a newborn! i have been frantically researching which sleep training method i want to use and how to get him to nap during the day. which is a catch 22 in and of itself because pretty much everything says you need to have your baby sleep at home in his crib at all times and that you need to have them on some sort of schedule. well i am not a fan of being tied down and i hate schedules. so i don't know how this is going to work. but i need him to take better naps during the day and have some sort of schedule. you're getting a pretty good sense of the craziness that is going through my mind. 

anyways, jay is getting so much personality these days. he has been laughing and smiling so much. he loves listening to music and sings with me when i sing to him. he has been really good at entertaining himself and loves to look at his toys. he smiles the most for jarman (pretty much every picture we have of him he is looking at jarman). he only snuggles when he's tired, otherwise he is too busy looking around at everything around him. he has gotten crazy during bathtime and kicks and splashes everywhere. he loves when i put lotion on him more than anything. 

obviously i am no  expert, but here are six things i have learned about being a new mom (about the newborn stage at least- i have no idea what's coming!).

1. yes, all of the cliches are true: they do grow up too fast, these are the happiest days of my life, i can't imagine my life before him, yadda yadda yadda. yes, these cliches will be hammered into your head by everyone you know. and it's ok- everyone means well and is so so nice. one lady almost made me cry at target.

2. let other moms hold your baby, even/especially when they are crying.  they will inherently do whatever soothed their own babies- you will learn a lot of different tricks this way!

3. sleeping when the baby sleeps is kind of overrated. at least for me. sometimes you do need to get stuff done. having a clean house and getting dressed for at least part of the day makes me feel so much happier and more productive. 

4. you shouldn't judge parents until you have a baby that age. well actually you probably shouldn't judge parents ever. well, really you just shouldn't judge anyone ever- but we'll start small. everyone is just trying to keep it together and is doing the best they can. 

5. sometimes your baby has bad days, and even bad weeks. it's a phase and you will get through it. (we are going through an extra rough week this week actually, it's no walk in the park. i'm just so glad jarman is home to help!)

6. the obsession is real. it never fades. so gives moms a break when they overpost or only know how to talk about their baby. it's because that is pretty much all they think about.