Creating Memories: A Beginner's Guide to Shooting your Own Family's Photos with a DSLR

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Creating Memories: A Beginner's Guide to Shooting your Own Family's Photos with a DSLR


An online photography class by Reality and Retrospect that will teach you how to master exposure, camera settings, editing in Lightroom and taking control of whatever lighting you have to work with. This class is geared towards moms who want to learn how to take amazing photos of their own children, and will have useful content for beginning to intermediate photographers. The class will be released on May 1st, it is currently in presale.

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What you get...

  • 5 VIDEOS that cover my entire process for taking AMAZING PHOTOS from start to finish
  • Live videos of me shooting INDOORS and OUTDOORS so that you can learn how to make anything work. 
  • My full LIGHTROOM EDITING PROCESS, including information on the presets I use, as I go through all types of examples and live edit the photos from my live videos
  • A pocket sized CHEAT SHEET to keep with you to remind you how to get started whenever you pull out your camera
  • Class NOTES PAGES and an EBOOK for you to print along with all of the slides that are in my videos
  • How to set yourself up for SUCCESS (and not pull your hair out) when PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR OWN CHILDREN.
  • AND you get to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP run by yours truly where you can ask any and all photography related questions and have access to my expertise at all times. I will be there to critique your photos, help you with editing, offer troubleshooting when you run in to a problem. Basically we are going to be best friends:)
  • BONUS CONTENT: Everything you need to know about posing and helping your subject look their best.