Lifestyle photography

I am a photoholic when it comes to getting pictures of my own family (in case you couldn't already tell:). So I understand all those things that go along with wanting/needing unique/candid/real lifestyle photos- the desire-turn-desperation for the perfect outfits for everyone involved, the pinning and planning each of your ideal shots, the search for an amazing location, the panic that you know your kids will absolutely not behave, the stress that you'll be late. I. GET. IT. Everyone goes through it and I'm ready to hold your hand every step of the way. 

40-60 minute sessions, 40+ photo delivered
0% chance that you'll regret it
Let's get you on my calendar


***I only offer mini sessions every once in a while. Follow along on instagram to hear the details of the next round.


The energy and excitement that I get to be a part of when I photograph weddings is one of the biggest things I love about my job. My goal for your wedding is to put you at ease, knowing that I've got it under control. I will take charge when necessary to get my job done, while letting you and your fiance have the sole job of enjoying every second of your big day. You're going to get gorgeous images and videos and be able to relive the day for the rest of your life. 

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