Hi! I’m Brittany. I love sunshine, modern art, and dark chocolate.

I dream every second of the night, refuse to do dishes, and love to learn new things. I graduated from BYU with a degree in Art History, although I started out with dreams of becoming a heart surgeon. Consequently, I have three years of advanced biology and chemistry classes under my belt, in case you ever have any questions about what liver tissue looks like:) I studied abroad in London and Siena. I also worked as an intern in Washington D.C. at the National Museum for Women in the Arts.

I married way up and am definitely the bratty one in our relationship. I never call my husband by his first name because I knew too many ‘Davids’ when I met him, so he has become just ‘Jarman’ to everyone we know. In fact, when we sent out our wedding invites my friends and family could not figure out who I was marrying.


purple swash 3.png

We have two freaking cute kids (if I do say so myself:). Jay is four and his obsession with trucks and pancakes is going strong. Cecelia is fifteen months and is about the happiest baby you’ve ever met. She has become kind of a celebrity because she has so gracefully dealt with her many medical issues that go along with the VACTERL Association that she has been diagnosed with. I’m pretty sure the lyrics, “Cecelia, you’re breaking my heart,” were written for her.

After I married my husband I got my first camera because I knew that someday we would have kids and that I wanted to be able to take photos of their childhood. Fast forward to today and that is exactly what I do every. Single. Day. 




I also photograph weddings and lifestyle sessions and am genuinely happiest with a camera in my hand. My clients love that I’m so bossy because I am constantly doing whatever it takes to make their pictures look as gorgeous as possible. My goal is always to help people feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, while helping them look their best. I am not a fan of intense retouching because I believe that everyone should look like themselves in photos, not a glamorized version. My photos are always bright, colorful and full of life. I love when clients choose unique locations that are special to them, and always encourage wearing things that make them feel special.

I recently created an online course that teaches moms how to use their beginner DSLR to take photos of their kids. As a self-taught photographer I love to help others by sharing my tips and tricks that I have picked up on along the way and truly believe that anyone can learn how to take pretty photos if they practice enough. I am passionate about preserving your memories of your family and hope to aid others in doing the same.



I hope to work with you soon!