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The first few months of my daughter’s life were pretty rocky. Cecelia spent most of her time in the hospital and had a few surgeries including an open heart surgery at 4 months old. It was during this time I realized how grateful I was that I knew how to take a good photo.

Every day she got to be at home I tried to take pictures because I was never sure how long she had until she had to go back. I even used my ‘big’ camera in the hospital to remember all of the harder moments because I knew I would want to look back on that time of our lives.


Having so many pictures of my baby smiling and doing normal infant things made the time we spent in the hospital so much easier. During the scariest days after heart surgery I put one of my favorite photographs of her up on one of her monitors and showed it to every single doctor and nurse who came in to her room. I told them this photo was our goal and that we were going to get her back to being that happy.


I realized that there are so many moms who want to be able to record their children with pretty photos and remember all of the little things- favorite toys, tiny toes and fingers, sleeping eyelashes (my personal fave), kids playing in their own homes, the granola bars that they survive on, the itsy bitsy spider. While I offer and love to do in home lifestyle sessions and outdoor family sessions, there is no way I can capture the day-to-day happenings of your households. I can, however, teach you how to do it yourself so that you have no regrets as your children grow (as all kids must, unfortunately, grow up).

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This course is well worth the money. I’m so glad that Brittany spent the time she did to make this class. You can definitely tell so much hard work was put into each section. This class is a definite need for someone who is new to DSLR shooting and wants to learn manual mode. Brittany does a great job with thoroughly explaining the major settings in manual mode, I never once felt lost. I would more than highly recommend this class again, and again.

I got a DSLR camera a few years ago but it just sat in a cabinet collecting dust. I follow Brittany on Instagram and loved her photos and personality and when she advertised the class I took the plunge. Brittany’s class has actually gotten me to get out my “fancy” camera and use it the way it is supposed to be used. I was a total beginner but now I feel comfortable using my camera and it’s settings and it’s fun to just play with on a normal afternoon with the kids not just special occasions. I highly recommend this class, it teaches you so much but in a fun relatable way.

This class gave me information I’ve been looking all over the internet for, but couldn’t find. Helped me learn what I’ve needed to take my photos to the next level. Gave me the confidence to feel comfortable with my camera. Such a positive classroom setting. I love your style of photography and the fact that you are sharing how to achieve it is amazing


creating memories: a beginner's guide to photographing your own family with a dslr

If you got a brand new DSLR to take instagram worthy photos of your kids, just like I did years ago, but have no idea where to start then this is the right place for you. Learn how to use your camera to its full capacity and shoot in manual mode in this online course that will teach you all of the basics. This class is perfect for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to hone in on their skills and learn all of the tricks from a photographer who has been through the SLOW process of learning it herself. After years of learning every in and out of my camera, I can help you go from auto to manual in no time. As a wedding and lifestyle photographer I have learned that you can make any sort of setting look amazing in camera as long as you know how to fully control the light that you are given.


This course includeS:

  • 5 LESSON VIDEOS that cover my entire process for taking AMAZING PHOTOS from start to finish

  • Live videos of me shooting INDOORS and OUTDOORS so that you can learn how to make anything work.

  • My full LIGHTROOM EDITING PROCESS, including information on the presets I use, as I go through all types of examples and live edit the photos from my live videos

  • A pocket sized CHEAT SHEET to keep with you to remind you how to get started whenever you pull out your camera

  • Class NOTES PAGES / EBOOK for you to print along with all of the slides that are in my videos

  • How to set yourself up for SUCCESS (and not pull your hair out) when PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR OWN CHILDREN.

  • AND you get to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP run by yours truly where you can ask any and all photography related questions and have access to my expertise at all times. I will be there to critique your photos, help you with editing, offer troubleshooting when you run in to a problem. Basically we are going to be best friends:)



The class is made for you to go at your own pace!! You will have lifetime access to all of the lectures, notes, and homework.



You totally blew me away with your attention to detail with everything! Your presentation was beautiful too! This class has taught me so many new things and has answered so many of my questions! I feel way more confident now and love that I have a class that I can refer to versus random things on the internet! ;) Thank you SO much!!


Brittany’s class was amazing, very detailed and easy to understand.



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