Mini sessions


Raise your hand if you have children, literally any age, who are a DREAM to take photos with.

No takers?? Didn't think so. I love my 3 year old, but taking family photos with him makes me want to crawl in to my closet with some cookie dough and sulk. It's nearly impossible to get him to hang out for an hour, look at the camera, and say cheese.

Most kids (and husbands:) have a time limit of about 15 minutes. I  always get the best smiles and moments at the beginning of my family sessions, so why draw it out??

With my mini sessions you get to take 15 quick minutes and get the best photos, without making it a hard experience. Since they are easy (and, bonus, more afforable) you can even handle doing multiple in a year so that you can record your family as they grow up. 

I always use my tried and true locations that are AMAZING, choose times with light (and traffic, honestly) in mind to make it a fun experience all around. All you need to do to claim your spot is fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let me know which date/time you want and I'll take care of the rest!!


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  • Each session is 15 minutes (you can sign up for a double session if you want a bit more time:)
  • You will receive 15 + edited photos in BOTH color and black and white through an online gallery
  • You'll be able to download every single photo and use it as you want! You can also use my professional printer if you want some gorgeous matte prints to hang on your wall.
  • Sessions are $150
  • Once you claim your spot you will get a confirmation email from me, followed by an invoice and contract. $50 is due to reserve the date. Once you pay and digitally sign the contract the spot is officially yours!


Friday, July 13th
Ponto State Beach, Carlsbad

5:00 PM
5:15 PM
5:30 PM
5:45 PM
[[6:00 PM Spot Reserved]] 
[[6:15 PM Spot Reserved]]


Saturday, July 28th
Scripps Pier La Jolla

4:30 PM
[[4:45 PM Spot Reserved for CH]]
[[5:00 PM Spot Reserved for JB]]
[[5:15 PM Spot Reserved for CK]]
[[5:30 PM Spot Reserved for EC]]
[[5:45 PM Spot Reserved for MD]]


Saturday, August 4th
Sunset Cliffs

[[8:15 AM Spot Reserved for KS]]
[[8:30 AM Spot Reserved for BS]]
8:45 AM
9:00 AM
9:15 AM
[[9:30 AM Spot Reserved for HB]]


reserve your spot!

Name *
Be sure to include the specifics of which spot you want, I will try my hardest to accomodate but keep in mind these spots fill quickly so I will be giving the spots to the person who contacts first. You will have 24 hours once to complete the invoice and contract once you receive it or else your spot will be given to the next in line.