entertaining / my tea party bridal shower

i probably had the cutest bridal shower in the world. i am so lucky to have such good friends who threw it for me (well, they are my mom's friends, but i can't count them as my own right?). kristi, cindy, and erin headed the whole thing up, but so many more people contributed and made it seriously amazing. also, thank you to haylan for taking these beautiful pictures, she is such a great photographer!

these ladies know me really well. they threw me a tea party themed shower, which included delicious desserts and tea sandwiches, gorgeous fresh flowers, and the greatest group gift ever. how cute are the macarones and meringues? and what about those little tiny pink cupcakes? i seriously loved all of it, and wish we could do it all over again! 


in the entryway the ladies had an 'advice book', where i learned lots of tips on how to be married. they hung the most adorably crafted tissue garlands and wedding bells, had pictures of jarman and i, and audrey hepburn quotes! they also had jars with my 5 favorite cookies for guests to take home, which were absolutely delicious and the loveliest set up ever.


they also made a game where the ladies tried to figure out who knew me and jarman best. there were various statements made by us, and they had to choose the silhouette of who said it. the one that stumped everyone was 'my favorite movie is sixteen candles,' which is actually jarman's favorite movie! 


for the group gift, the ladies got me everything i needed for our bedroom! they included bedding, curtains, artwork and a mirror, blue velvet ottomans, a throw blanket, a rug, my favorite pendant lamp from world market, and some bedside accessories. i was dying over everything, it was so exciting!

i know this was over a year and a half ago (jeeze, have i been married that long already??), but i am still so grateful to everyone who contributed! it was such a blast. and thank you so much kristi for hosting it in your gorgeous house!