travelogue / new york

our trip to new york was so much fun, i might just have the post vacation blues where i just want to lay in bed all day and recover and wish i were still on vacation. it's a real condition. this trip i actually was a little bit sick of my camera, and did not take a ton of pictures with it, i relied on my iphone a lot. it was kind of liberating. i will probably regret it at some point, but oh well, there will be more trips. 

for this trip i really wanted to try and stray from all of the things that we normally do in new york, and experience new things. it was hard: we have so many favorite things to do and eat we never want to stray. we did a lot more exploring in brooklyn and soho, which was our main goal. here is an overview of how we spent our trip! 

we took a bus from dc and arrived in the afternoon. the bus was $11 for both of us, how could we pass that up? our first night there we walked through downtown brooklyn and ate at grimaldi's. i had originally told jarman that we could not go to grimaldi's this trip because we had been there every other time, but eventually i caved and i'm so glad i did. it was so delicious. by far our favorite american pizza. then we went to soho and went to a few stores, happened upon a party with a free cheese plate, and got some delicious rice pudding from rice to riches. we walked down to the 9/11 memorial, saw the new world trade center, and visited wall street, all things we had never done before!


on our second day we tried to get tickets to jimmy fallon (my new celeb crush), but failed. so we went to the moma to see the magritte exhibit, which was delightful but nearly ruined by the crowds. there were so many people it was ridiculous. we then ventured through central park, saw a band making a music video (i wish i knew who they were, it looked legit), and then finally found the bethesda terrace! except the cute part that i was so excited to take pictures of was turned in to a haunted house. i guess we will just have to go back. then we went to a chagall exhibit at the jewish museum.

friday evening we explored williamsburg: we ate at pies n' thighs (this may have been our favorite meal- the chicken biscuit and pecan pie are to die for), walked through some cool vintage shops and book stores. we ended the night by seeing the counselor, which i would not recommend to anyone.  (ps. this is when i stopped using my real camera, forgive the iphone pics for the rest of the post!)


on saturday we set out to explore soho. we found a few surf shops for jarman, went to a feminist bookstore (which jarman wanted to go to? don't ask), found a market and bought vintage maps of japan and italy. we also set out to find some banksy works. have you guys heard about banksy's new york project for the month of october? every day he does a street work and blogs/instas about it, giving clues to where it is making new york a giant maze. police have been trying to take down the works as fast as possible, so the one that we looked for had been taken away and replaced with a fake. i'm pretty the the 'free cooper the musical' is real through, he did lots of those throughout the city altering previously painted street arts to include 'the musical'. 

that evening we ate at eataly, and got some amazing braised short-rib ragu pasta, and a classic italian margherita pizza. i was in heaven. then we went to the opera! we saw a midsummer night's dream. it was so fun to go to the lincoln center and get all dressed up, and as you can see our seats were pretty amazing (not! back row for life!).

on our last day we walked through central park one last time to go visit the met, and the julia margaret cameron exhibit that was going on. then we went down the the chelsea market and had lunch at the milk bar, it was pretty delicious we would definitely go back. we walked through the high line park, which was another place that was almost to crowded to be enjoyable. but don't worry, it was still beautiful.  all in all it was a great trip!